Best of the Best Ambitious Pothead Projects

What would we be without that home-grown green? Cheap and efficient screams supreme in this economy, and here’s just one way to help keep your head up (poor Prop 19) and let it be. TNGG’s DIY week brings you the best guide to getting high, the road to being stoned, the best way to blaze – our make-your-own-bong special crowdsourced compilation.

Millennial ingenuity at its finest, our anonymous submissions ranged from the classic apple pipe to the Big Bertha (see below) of gravity bongs.

These are the best of the best, all rolled up in one big blunt—umm, bunch!

The Shaft of Damocles

A 23-year-old Massachusetts bloke shares the bat to end all bats: the wiffle ball bat pipe.

Materials: Wiffle ball bat, small drill or large nail, flask funnel, wire mesh, duct tape, tobacco product, lighter

  • 1. Drill two opposite-facing holes ¾ of the way down the bat (towards the top part).
  • 2. In one of the opposing holes, insert the flask funnel lined with mesh. Use duct tape to secure. This is where you will place the goods.
  • 3. Load it up, and hold thumb over opposite hole. Light tobacco product and inhale through handle hole at the bottom of the bat.
  • 4. After a long draw (the bat can fill almost all the way with smoke) release the bottom hole and inhale smoke.

The Homemade Hookah

Those Californians know where it’s at, and one 24-year-old contributor gave us this four-way ganga-lovin’ gift: the collective water pipe bong.

Materials: 1/2 gallon or gallon plastic jug, disinfected fish tank tube/hose cut into four equal pieces, scotch tape, aluminum foil or aluminum bottom of a tea light candle, toothpick, small knife or scissors

  • 1. Poke four holes into each side of the plastic jug.
  • 2. Place the four tube pieces into the four holes and secure with Scotch tape to guarantee an airtight fit.
  • 3. Pour some water into the jug.
  • 4. Poke holes with toothpick in the piece of aluminum foil or use the tea light bottom. Place the tea light bottom (without the candle) or foil into the top. Secure with Scotch tape.
  • 5. Add drug of choice to tea light holder/bowl, light with fire, and share with three friends.

Scuba Steve

Explore the Great Barrier Reefer with this scuba-diving device. Ariel ain’t got shit on this Bostonian’s under-the-sea dinglehopper.

Materials: 5 gallon water cooler bottle, bong slide, drill or large nail, saw, superglue, sander/sandpaper

  • 1. Saw off the wide end of the empty water cooler bottle. Drill a hole in the center of the bottle top. Place the slide inside the hole on top.
  • 2. Apply superglue around the hole on both the inside and outside of the bottle to seal up any cracks or openings.
  • 3. Sand down any rough edges on the wide end of the bottle to ensure optimal water coverage.
  • 4. At least two people must be present at all times–one cannot do this alone. Take the device to a body of water (ideally a swimming pool).
  • 5. Put the device in the water close to the top of the bottle. Light bowl on top and slowly lift up bottle, filling the chamber with smoke, but make sure to keep it below the water line.
  • 6. Swim under bottle and stick head inside the water cooler to soak in the smoke. Say hi to the fishies while you’re there!

The Big Bertha Gravity Bong

WARNING: this device is not for the faint of lung. Akin to a blitzkrieg attack on the mind, and with the ability to send you reeling into a coughing not unlike the whooping epidemic, one blast from BB and you’re gone. From the sick-minded MA natives that brought you this, you have been warned.

Materials: Gallon-sized water jug with cap, bucket/pot of water (or most recycle bins work nicely), aluminum foil, toothpick, scissors, tobacco product, lighter

  • 1. Cut the bottom part of the bottle off with scissors.
  • 2. Cut or melt out a large hole in the bottle cap. Place aluminum foil in hole and poke small holes in bottom with toothpick to place tobacco product in.
  • 3. Submerge top part of the bottle in the bucket of water up to the neck. Load up cap, and light product while slowly drawing bottle up out of water (make sure the bottom of the bottle doesn’t leave the water!). The empty space should fill with smoke fairly quickly.
  • 4. Un-pop cap and quickly place mouth on opening. Inhale while slowly lowering the bottle back into the water as the smoke pushes itself into your lungs.

And there you have it, proof that a little Mary Jane can be the mother of invention. So with your newfound knowledge, go forth and be prosperous you sly little dope heads you.

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