Riot Grrrl Hasn’t Lost Her Fight

It is often said that trends are cyclical in nature across decades; we see it in revolving fashion statements and TV show remakes. But what about cultural movements? In the early ’90s, a national yet decentralized underground feminist punk movement known as Riot Grrrls briefly took America’s counter-culture scene by storm. Participants were labeled as […]

Kreayshawn: The Center of Hip-Hop Hate

From Madonna to Public Enemy to Lady Gaga, some artists are just experts at catching audiences’ attention. This can be done by presenting taboo issues, or perhaps by combing fire and a crucifix in a music video. However, it’s less common in contemporary pop culture to be controversial due to something out of your control. […]

Full Frontal: In July, be Fly with Julyna

Many of my lady friends are running around this week, frantically booking last minute appointments at the salon to prepare for the itty bitty bathing suits they’re going to be wearing come The 4th of July.  But there’s a group of ladies that perhaps aren’t sweating it as much.  They are the ladies of Julyna. […]

Facebook, it’s not you… It’s Google+

Enter Google+, the search giant’s newest “project” (not a product) was launched two days ago and already, Facebook and Twitter streams are a little passé. At this stage, its invite only, making it even more desirable. Though limited invites were sent to people two days ago, Google unleashed a wave of invites through those users. But […]

Gay Rights From New York to the UN

The past two weeks have seen some major victories in the long, often arduous march toward equality for LGBT citizens across the globe. The United Nations voted to approve a resolution that supported efforts to advance gay rights and the New York legislature responded to that call by legalizing same-sex marriage. Both actions were hailed […]

Love, the Bus Boys Promote Upcoming Trip, Web Series at Boston Apple Store

Tyler Dunham, Seth Brown, and Corey McLean will set out on July 10 on their converted school bus to visit communities across the country and document their travels via a web series. To promote their upcoming cross-country road trip for charity, the guys from Love, the Bus appeared at the Boylston Apple Store June 17 […]