I <3 My Scooter

FACT: Scooters are the best way to travel. Don’t believe me?  Read on, friend!

I recently purchased a 50cc Buddy scooter – the same one shown in that picture on the right there.  I’ve affectionately named her Sasha, after J.D.’s scooter on Scrubs.  Isn’t she pretty??

Aside from the inarguable fact that she’s a sexy bitch, there are several reasons why buying a scooter is a very smart way to travel.

  1. They’re environmentally friendly! My love for scooters goes far beyond their eco-friendly nature, but I feel obligated to start with this point since it’s Green Week and all.  My scooter gets about 50-75 miles per gallon since I mainly drive in the city with a passenger (added weight), but 50cc scooters can get up to 100mpg!  Not to mention, there are some amazing futuristic-looking zero-emissions electric scooters on the market, and I’m sure that many more are soon to come.
  2. It’s cheap! My scooter cost a grand total of $2,199.  The monochromatic version costs a mere $1,999, but I liked the pretty colors.  Dealers allow you to have a variety of payment plans, so you can pay as little as $40-80/month depending on the model and the sale.  Here in Boston, a monthly pass for the subway costs $59/month.  Believe it or not, it’s cheaper than public transportation!
  3. Getting gas is fun! This goes hand-in-hand with my “it’s cheap” point, but this makes me so happy I’m making it a separate bullet.  I’m sure that for car owners, going to the gas station is a dreaded experience.  I often drive up to the pump, see that the last person paid $60, and laugh maniacally.  My tank takes about $3.50 to go from being completely empty to completely full.  No joke.
  4. It’s easy! A 50cc scooter is classified as a moped.  This means that you don’t need to get a motorcycle license.  You don’t need to get insurance.  My scooter even came with a two-year $1,000 warranty and roadside assistance.  All you need is a regular driver’s license and a helmet, and one quick trip to the RMV to get it registered.
  5. All your friends will be jealous! All of your friends with cars will immediately hate your guts, and rightfully so!  Can their cars park on the sidewalk?  Can they drive in the bike lane?  Can their cars squeeze into itty bitty alleys?  I think not!

By this point I know you’re thinking, “What’s the catch?”  The one downside is that a 50cc scooter can only go a maximum of 30 miles per hour, which is perfect for city driving but can be restricting anywhere else.  You can get more powerful scooters, but then they’d be in the same category as a motorcycle, so you’d need to get a license and actually use a real parking space.  The only other negative is that it’s unpleasant to ride in the rain.  Those rain drops coming at you are like speeding bullets.  But it’s WORTH IT!  (I’m badass.)

Have I convinced you yet?  Why not??

DISCLAIMER: I only ride in Boston and I’m sure that other cities have various laws concerning mopeds.  Check your state’s RMV website and talk to your local dealer to see how it works in your city.

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