Down the Tubes: Foxy Silver Foxes

Sometimes, even a young, nubile Millennial like me finds she has the hots for an older man. Okay, much older. As in old enough to be my dad. Before you get all Freudian-Electra-complex-y on me…check these guys—nay, men—out. They’re either over 50 or fit the “silver” part of the bill, and they’ve all aged rather spectacularly. Plus, they’re TV stars, so every single one is up for addition to your Exception List.

Starting with the youngest fox (clocking in at a sprightly 50), we have here the sex-addicted hotness known as David Duchovny. Sure he’s made some mistakes, but seeing as his current role on Showtime’s Californication has him playing a fast-talking, whiskey-swilling, pill-popping horndog, his real life can only serve to inform his character…or at least that’s what he probably told Téa. Rumor-mongering aside, let’s objectify:

Personally, I like Double-D with a few wrinkles and a devil-may-care glint in his eye. That younger version looks like kind of a tool.

Moving on to a sexy Brit on Fox. Besides my deep, undying love for the ball of caustic sarcasm and issues that is House, Hugh Laurie himself is undeniably good-looking. The blue eyes kill me. And the best part? Laurie has truly gotten better with age, going from merely cute to fairly smokin’. Along with being a 51-year-old object of desire, Laurie regularly sings and plays various instruments on House—a hot musician/actor that can hold down a job and actually seems smart and mentally stable?  That’s the dream. Plus…the accent.

For your comparing pleasure:

Holding down Fort Hilarious, we have Alec Baldwin. Dude’s a legend. It’s impossible not to love him as 30 Rock’s Jack Donaghy, he was wicked pisser in The Departed, and he’s hosted SNL approximately 4 trillion times* (Canteen Boy, anyone?). In this particular case, I’d say A. Balds is not quite as good looking as he was in his youth, but only because he was incredibly, incredibly attractive in said youth. Look at that scruffy sexiness. That said, I don’t know many who’d kick today’s 52-year-old Baldwin to the curb.

(*Okay, maybe it’s closer to 15. Thanks, Wikipedia!)

Confession: I had no idea how old John Slattery was until I looked him up for the purposes of this article. I was pretty sure he was at least 55. Much to my surprise, he’s only 48! Still twice my age, so he’s in. Plus, this guy gets extra points for being the only fox who is truly silver, hair-wise. As pampered playboy and Sterling Cooper (Draper Pryce) partner, Slattery is one slick man. In his past as a member of the Dirty Dozen, he had a gorgeous head of curly brown hair (see below and sigh). With his distinguished good looks and all-around handsomeness, Slattery is the very model of a modern silver fox.

And that concludes today’s presentation of older-guy sexcellence.

If there is a fox or two I left to roam the wild, tell me about them!

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