Should You Ditch the Coverletter?

It seems as though today, in the digital world, coverletters don’t work well in the online job application process. In the past ten years, there has been a disconnect between sending a coverletter in the mail versus sending it through the newer medium, the Internet. Entrepreneur and executive David Silverman announces that the coverletter is […]

New App Alert: Stereolizer is a Throwback to ’80s Radios

Nostalgia seems to the vibe of the 21st century. We’re less than four years away from when hover boards are supposed to be in vogue, but we’re dressing like the 1980′s have arrived in Doc Brown’s Delorean and we’re looking at them with the teary eyes of a gamer unwrapping his highly desired NES. It’s […]

She’s baa-aack! The Resurgence of Britney Spears

Even if you’re not a fan of the first two singles off her latest album, Femme Fatale, there’s no denying Britney Spears has finally made her comeback after those rocky Federline/rehab years. With the release of her album at the end of this month (and the whole thing leaking on the web earlier this month), […]

Art That Turns the World Inside Out

My love for public art is well-documented all over the Internet, but Inside Out, the global art project of French graffiti-artist (‘photograffeur’ if you’re feeling fancy) and photographer JR made my heart go all a-flutter. Interested in the power of art in resolving conflict, JR is famous for hanging up giant black-and-white images of human faces in […]

Down the Tubes: A Little Primetime Music

Ahhh, special occasions. Family holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, big drunk extravaganzas à la St. Patrick’s Day, TV dramarama during sweeps. Not a special occasion, you say? Au contraire! This is the time of year when TV shows break out their Sunday best — earth-shattering plot twists, people coupling up and breaking up, or my […]

Sharia Law: The Truths Behind The Myths

While governments in the Middle East are imperiled with demands for freedom and equality, America’s state legislatures are contemplating bills that expose their fear and intolerance of Islam. Sharia, or Islamic law, is hyped as the biggest threat to freedom since Communism, purportedly threatening our freedom of speech, women’s rights, and Christian values – basically, […]