16 Tips to Lose 15 Pounds by Spring Break

‘Tis the season, am I right? The scenery is beautiful and we are practically handed gifts. Seasonal goodies are everywhere and the decorations, although scantily clad, mostly look fantastic. The sweets flow with a heavy hand and the traditional tunes, such as Sisqo’s well-known classic “The Thong Song,” are belted out with drunken exuberance. That’s […]

In the Court of the Prince of Darkness: Ozzy Osbourne Live

There were so many tweens in the audience at the concert my boyfriend and I attended on Valentine’s Day that I almost thought we were seeing Justin Bieber. But instead of Beliebers, this crowd of kids (and their parents, plus us in-between twentysomethings) were in the court of the Prince of Darkness, waiting for Ozzy […]

Sex Under the Influence

Shagging, fucking, making love, getting horizontal, doing the dirty deed, knocking boots, sexual intercourse, whatever you call it: it’s awesome. It gives you an adrenaline rush, a happy kind of “high.” So can you imagine what might happen when mixing an act already so stimulating and sensual with substances made specifically to achieve a state […]

Hero or Harlot? A Look at the Sexually Liberated Woman

To feminists, there have always been two different, but equally strong opinions about women who have multiple sex partners: To some, she’s a bold, open and sexually liberated beacon of feminism but to others she’s a failure–demeaning herself by becoming nothing but an objectified sexual object. The relationship between sex and feminism is rather complex. […]

Political Mistresses: a Civic Duty to Give Up the Booty

A lot of you are probably thinking that there isn’t anything less sexy than politics. You’re probably right. Here’s a breakdown of some of the more famous political groupies: Marilyn Monroe Who got it: Almost definitely John F. Kennedy, probably his brother Bobby, probably at the same time Where are they now? Pretty fuckin’ dead. […]