Top 5 Tennis Moments of 2010

ennis is gaining more popularity and greater media coverage each year. In cultures where people see their favorite athletes as heroes/heroines and idolize them like gods, it goes without saying that the berths of tennis superstars like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, the Williams sisters, and Maria Sharapova will continue to expand as tennis continues to […]

Deck Them Halls and All That Stuff: Our Favorite Christmas Movies

These days, people start celebrating Christmas as soon as they’ve taken off their Halloween costumes. According to the Boston Metro, the song “Sleigh Bells” had already been played on the radio over 43,000 times by December 1. The Christian holiday countdown begins several weeks before the big event. The pre and post-holiday relaxation week leaves […]

What Do You Mean, Separation of Church and State?

“Where in the Constitution is the separation of Church and State?” failed Delaware senate candidate Christine O’Donnell asked her opponent (and now Senator-elect) Chris Coons in a debate at Widener Law School. Ms. O’Donnell is correct in pointing out the constitution does not specify the United States has a “separation of Church and State” verbatim. […]