10 Questions for Evan, Millennial

Name: Evan Edmond Roberts (The first, but that’s a long story.)
Age: 23
Location: Cleveland Heights, OH (school is in the Village of  Ada, OH)

1. What book has most impacted who you are today? An odd combination of the Bible and the AP StyleBook

2. If you unexpectedly received $100 today, what would you spend it on? I haven’t bought shoes in at least a year, so a pair of black Johnston & Murphy Ainsworths (now on sale).

3. What are 5 brands/products that you can’t live without?

  • Apple
  • BlackBerry
  • Welchs
  • Suave
  • Whoever makes the knives in my kitchen

4. What are you most thankful to your parents/guardians for? Not allowing us (my 4 siblings and I) to watch the Simpsons when we were younger. I feel smarter because of it.

5. What’s your favorite website/blog, and why is it so dang awesome? Easily http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com. Scott Schumann is a genius and takes amazing pictures of super fashionable people, and they’re mostly regular Joes and Janes. Even a few Earls.

6. What’s the most “scandalous” thing you’ve ever done, that you’re willing to admit to the public? Pretended I was gay for an April Fool’s joke. It was immature. And priceless.

7. What have you done so far in life that you’re most proud of? Sticking with school, even though it has been a really tough road at times. I haven’t given up and I won’t.

8. What accomplishment (personal or professional) do you hope to achieve by the time you retire? I’ll do both. Personally, I want to have a grandson named Evan Edmond Roberts III. I think it sounds cool. Professionally, if I could do half of the amazing things Betsy Plank did in her lifetime, I would be beyond accomplished. And I’d like to travel to Jordan, on business.

9. What is the #1 issue that you wish your peers would pay more attention to, or care more about? Blood donation. Seriously.

10. What should older generations realize about your generation? That we’re exactly like them. We’re all different.

11. How did you get the nickname “Spartan?” Well funny you should ask! My sophomore year of school, I went to a frat party determined to learn to play pong. The name came from my distinguished contribution to several victories that night. #TNGGLeaks

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