10 Questions for Adam, Millennial

Name: Adam Di Stefano
Age: 26
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

1. What book has most impacted who you are today?

On the Road by Jack Kerouac.

2. If you unexpectedly received $100 today, what would you spend it on?

Nothing. I’d put it in my wallet and use it like pocket money (which probably means it would end up being used on food or drink).

3. What are 5 brands/products that you can’t live without?

The one thing I’ve learned is that I can live without a lot of stuff. In the past few years, I’ve given up for certain periods of time: television, the internet, red meat, gluten and alcohol.  I guess I’m a bad example of the “brand” generation.

4. What are you most thankful to your parents/guardians for?

For teaching me old-fashioned values, but still being able to recognize the value of being progressive in your thoughts.

5. What’s your favorite website/blog, and why is it so dang awesome?

I have that Gen Y thing where I have a short attention span. New blogs/websites capture my attention for a brief period of time, and then I get bored and move on to something else.  There isn’t a single site I visit daily that I used to visit a year ago…

6. What’s the most “scandalous” thing you’ve ever done, that you’re willing to admit to the public?

I may be the only member of my generation who thinks it’s not a good idea to put that kind of thing on the internet…

7. What have you done so far in life that you’re most proud of?

I’ve managed to advance my career, and still enjoy what I do.  Think about that for a moment, and you’ll notice it’s not necessarily that easy.

8. What accomplishment (personal or professional) do you hope to achieve by the time you retire?

So far, I’ve had a different position every year since I’ve graduated.  While I know that kind of pace can’t be maintained, I’d definitely like to keep that same sort of forward momentum throughout my career. I think that goes back to the whole, “I get bored easily,” thing.

9. What is the #1 issue that you wish your peers would pay more attention to, or care more about?

There’s a bunch of issues that are tied together that all arise from a consumerist lifestyle. A society of consumerists causes issues for its own health, the environment and even global socio-political issues. I wouldn’t ask that all my peers become vegan minimalists (I’m not), but if everyone was aware of the impacts of excess, I think it would go a long way to solving a lot of problems.

10. What should older generations realize about your generation?

That there’s a serious gap WITHIN my generation.  I’m generally considered to be at the very beginning of the Millennial generation, but there are times where I think that maybe I missed it.  The traits that define people 5 years younger than me are so completely different from the traits that define me, that I think “generations” are getting shorter and shorter. It makes no sense, because these people are all being raised by the same parents, and yet, I see evidence of it everyday.  People in their mid to late twenties have more  in common with people in their thirties than they do with people in their early twenties, and I think that trend will continue.

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