Could you be sharing too much online?

We all get carried away sometimes in our lives. Shopping, drinking, eating, using the Internet… we all get carried away, it happens to everyone. And then we face consequences — overspending, a ticket for drunk driving, eating too much, or, dispersing too much information on the Internet. Do you remember how happy you were the […]

Helicopter Parents: Mentors or Mess-makers?

The view from above, like in a helicopter, is incredible. You can see everything perfectly – the highways and byways, the subdivisions and farmland. Sometimes I wish I had a similar perspective on my own life. The view a helicopter provides could bring so much clarity when ambiguity leaves me reeling. Lucky for me, I know […]

Move Over LinkedIn: 5 Career-Boosting Tools for Millennials

This post is part of TNGG’s Career Week We’ve all had the virtues of LinkedIn extolled to us, and we know it’s a simply fab tool for networking, sharing resumes and showing off expertise, but there are other ways to boost your awesomeness level in the eyes of prospective employers. What about your portfolio? What […]

Confessions of a Millennial Housewife

“So, what do you do?” The most adult question ever. And in a bustling capitalist society, the most important question, signifying your present net worth to society. When you’re 24 like I am (‘86, represent!), it’s usually something like, “Answer phones and fetch coffee,” and if you’re lucky, “Answer phones and fetch coffee for super-important […]

The Green Industry Needs YOU! Here’s Why

This guest post is part of TNGG’s Career Week. Over the course of your life, you will spend 90% of your time in a building. That is, if rising sea levels, catastrophic weather events or wars over oil don’t intervene. The buildings – and other infrastructure – that are being designed today will last through […]