Yes, please, send me an update and a birthday card

Over 10 years ago, marketing genius Seth Godin coined the term “permission marketing,” which is the act of asking permission from the customer before targeting them for promotions. (Most mass-media advertising is known as “interruption-marketing” (TV, radio, etc) and typically produces overall low response numbers.) What’s that mean in layman’s terms? You, the individual, without […]

Poke me, Aaron Sorkin: A Review of ‘The Social Network’

When I heard a movie about Facebook was being made, I couldn’t care less. I assumed it could include commentary on how to avoid grandma stalking and Farmville addiction. But then I found out that two of the biggest names in Hollywood would be collaborating on the project. Aaron Sorkin (writer of the West Wing […]

Create an Alternative: DIY Dryer Sheet Pillow

They may seem harmless, but don’t let them fool you.  Even the most ordinary, everyday items can be hazardous to your health, as well as the environment.  Take dryer sheets, for example.  These seemingly innocent dryer-dwellers contain dangerous carcinogens.  That’s right, substances that cause cancer.  These toxins infiltrate our everyday environment, and latch onto clothing […]

Let’s End the Intolerance Already!

The 9/11 memorials have come and gone yet another year. But something about the anniversary marking that day was different this time around. It was an uneasy mix of bigotry, protests, tears, and sentimentalism. It was a climatic moment to what has been a very turbulent summer in Islam-American relations, with every tolerant American relieved […]

Recent branding efforts get near-failing grade

In order to sell a product to a Millennial successfully, a brand needs to use the right tone, understand our humor, and not talk to us like we’re idiots. Two recent marketing campaigns apparently didn’t get the message. We’ll start with Drake University. They wanted to capture the attention of today’s ADD-addled high school students […]