Celebrity “Undorsement” and Negative Product Placement

We are tired of all the marketing messages thrown at us. We’re bombarded with ads everywhere we look, so we’ve learned to ignore them. But we do pay attention to celebrities, which is why many brands use stars in their communication efforts. Brands have picked up on our generation’s love of celebrity and will give […]

Would you want to try out the pain ray?

American prisoners are being used in an experimental run with an invisible pain ray? And it’s happening against their will? Seems like a sci-fi movie plot, right? Only, it isn’t. True story: The Active Denial System (ADS) is a non-lethal weapon first developed as an innovation in crowd control by the U.S. military. It works […]

Sometimes, the best trip is in your own backyard

While it might have been nice to take a semester and study abroad, I never really wanted to miss a moment in Charlottesville, V.A. I could have perfected my Spanish in South America or rode the elevator to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I could have even just spent time at the most luxurious resorts and […]

A Travel-Less Study Abroad

As an American student studying abroad, returning home almost certainly involves a cached set of questions begging details of weekend traveling, school work and sightseeing. For some, these questions may highlight what will forever be coined “the best semester ever.” For others, this unavoidable inquisition is merely a disheartening reminder of the intangible – all […]

How the globe-trotting generation connects with airlines

I love Southwest Airlines so much that I would have changed my career path to get a job with the company. During my job hunt, I desperately sought open positions in their communications division, which would have meant a minor modification of my long-set plan to work for an agency to working in-house for a company. […]

Communication best learned through wine, friends and food

During my term abroad, I country-hopped on RyanAir, drank wine in Chianti and gave thanks in Paris, but the biggest lesson I learned was from Anna. Small, bubbly and full of life, she taught me that food (and life) is best enjoyed slowly, savoring each bite and filling your stomach as much as you can […]