NYC: The King of Cities

By Noah Singer

This post is part of a TNGG series on cities.

No other place in the world connects such a diverse array of people the way New York does. This is why I believe that New York is the King of Cities. Though while my two cents on the city are as subjective as any other New Yorker’s pulled off the street, the greatest thing about New York, the King of Cities, is that everyone’s connections are unique and non-duplicable. And while these hands will paint a particular picture, New York can only be experienced and appreciated in person.

New York City transcends Woody Allen’s Manhattan, Seinfeld’s Upper West Side, or Samantha’s SoHo. While great entertainment, films and television only attempt to glorify what a typical NYC experience is like, there is nothing typical about it. A large part of NYC’s atypical nature comes from the mash-up of industries that call Manhattan home. No one type of person dominates the city’s landscape and the result makes for enriching experiences that make New York totally different than any other city in the world.

For 20-somethings (or those in the mindset of a 20-something), enriching experiences are what we strive for. We want to explore. Going to a friends’ friends’ friend’s rooftop party and meeting someone who is doing a job you could never even imagine is common. These kinds of experiences help further the vein of exploration, but still keep you grounded.

New York is also known for our non-stop action, always-something-happening atmosphere that begs to be discovered. Not a day goes by that there isn’t a new bar or restaurant opening, or a new museum exhibit or art gallery that debuts. Subscribing to Thrillist or Urban Daddy keeps your to-do list ever-growing and during the summer we all check Vanity Fair’s Summer Guide for what’s popular. (But, of course, we all knew of those hot spots anyway)

In addition to the new places that always catch buzz, New York has more types of places to go than Epcot’s wildest dreams. Exploring the wide array of options is part of the adventure of living here. Whether it’s a Bavarian Biergarten, 5 Shots for $10 bar, Pretzel Shop, Venezuelan Arepas Restaurant, Secret Cocktail Lounge, or a Milk Bar that serves cereal-milk ice cream, NYC has it all (and that’s only in the East Village!).

The one constant that everyone connects to is that NYC is always changing. Some changes happen over a short period of time, like the mural on Houston Street, and some go across generations. People are always coming and going, and every summer, as new college graduates come here, a new influx of people ready to take on the city emerges. At first they stick out in the crowd like a family from Nebraska gawking at Times Square, but soon enough they fit right into the thick of things, directing that family to take the F train down to Delancey.

That is the power of New York. No matter what you were before you came here, once you are here, you are a New Yorker. This is the place dreams are made of. It is so nice you better say it twice. In short, it is the King of Cities.

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