Spoiled and Entitled: Millennials as a Whole, or Just a Bad Egg?

Dear NBC/Today Show intern, Thanks for helping to give Gen Y a bad name — now on national television (skip to 4:30, then approximately 10:45). Sincerely, Angela Stefano *** Newsflash, Gen Y-ers: older generations (and, judging from this video, some with some serious clout in the entertainment/news industry) think we’re spoiled, self-absorbed, entitled little brats. […]

Jobs. Can’t live with ‘em; Can’t live without ‘em.

I love/hate going to work every day. I love/hate telling people what I do. I love/hate my coworkers. I love/hate my job. Such is life as a young, Gen Y professional. Sure, there are things that everyone loves or hates about work, jobs and careers. And there are those that live by the mantra, “If […]