Do we have what it takes to be The Next Great Generation?

We think we’re so freakin’ special. Here we are with our individuality, our technology, our repetitive stress injuries. Not only do we feel different from other generations, we feel the need to point out how different from everyone we really are. We have absolutely no doubt that we, as a group, are entitled to a […]

Get the Message? We Need More Video Online

Text really sucks sometimes. Serious things are accidentally interpreted as humorous. Sarcastic things get taken as real. Jokes become hurtful. And suddenly you’re defending yourself in an unnecessary argument, all because you got the “wrong” message. That’s because the words are only a sliver of that message. Body language and non-verbal cues accounts for anywhere […]

Advertisements on Twitter? Does it make a difference?

This week Twitter, my favorite social network, announced its advertising model: promoted tweets. Exciting? Maybe, if you are a marketer. If you are an ordinary person, the change doesn’t make a big difference from the status quo. Although Twitter didn’t have an advertising platform per say, we were already used to advertisements on Twitter. The […]

Does Gen Y Actually Care About Education?

Millennials do care about education. So much so that 33 of them have written on the topic here at TNGG. They’re worried about debt, the education of the next generation, and whether they actually got the best education possible. In spite of all that’s been said about this generation being overconfident and self-entitled, these writers […]

The Interview: Alex Cattoni “Personal development junkie. Marketing diva. Thrill-seeker.”

Much has been thought, written and said about the ideal Gen Y lifestyle on this blog. Most of us dream it but Alex Cattoni is among the lucky few that lives it. She’s “living the dream” as a Senior Marketer in MindValley (an awesome company featured in TNGG’s Work Posts). Two years ago, she packed […]

Why future innovators are packing their bags to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Alexandra Cattoni just returned from a trip to India. In the past two years, she has been to 23 different countries, lived in Europe and Malaysia, photographed some incredible places, gone scuba diving in Australia and has done all this while working full time. And no, she is not a travel photographer. Alex is an Internet […]

My Undying Devotion to Hello Kitty

Most of the things I liked throughout my childhood didn’t quite cross over into my adult life: light up sneakers, butterfly clips, Limited Too, and Power Rangers. However, a certain cartoon cat…or more specifically, kitty, with a big red bow has seamlessly moved from my Kindergarten cubby into my grown-up handbag, apartment, and jewelry box. […]