What Did You Get Out Of College?

School’s out forever.
School’s out for summer.
School’s out with fever.
School’s out completely…
-Alice Cooper

This time every year, I get excited. I start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I try my best not to over-worry about final exams, papers and projects, and instead focus on what is sure to be the “best summer yet.” Just another month. Almost there.
But this year is different.

On May 1, I’m finished for good. My time at Florida State University is actually coming to an end – and as Ron Burgundy would say: I’m in a glass case of emotion!

I’ve been a student for 16 years. 17 if you count kindergarten. It’s all I know. So I’m slightly freaked. But I’m also proud as hell. At FSU, I’ve successfully completed two majors — media/communication studies and creative writing — and maintained a 3.9 GPA. And despite this economy, I’ve been fortunate enough to land an account executive position at a local PR firm.

As graduation rapidly approaches, I can’t help but think about everything I’ve learned. And boy, did I learn a lot. Hard stuff. Random stuff. Fun stuff. Even basic stuff – you know, like Math, English, Social Studies and Science.

In fact, let me paint you a little picture.

Math: 2000 level courses aren’t necessarily easier than 4000 level. Apparently, I have no problem writing 25 page research papers; crafting fiction stories; and acing advertising, communication theory and public relations exams. My issue is mastering an introduction to film studies course – hence the 3.9 GPA. DARN THE MINUS SYSTEM!!! Ok, moving on.

English: There are classes where you are encouraged to say mean things to each other. Alright, not exactly, but you are expected to give constructive (harsh) criticism. To fulfill my creative writing major, I took several fiction and non-fiction workshops, and became intimately acquainted with the written and spoken word. One student even told another, “I’m going to use this story as toilet paper later.”

Social Studies: All nighters can be fun. Especially when they involve a spontaneous road trip from Tallahassee to Tennessee with a jam-packed car of the world’s loudest singers, all of whom just want to play in the mountains in the middle of winter. My friends and I built a small snowman. Named him Clarence. And then ran him over with the car. We took a before, during and after picture. Then, we called it a day and drove back to school.

Science: Zombies do exist. My first week at FSU, the Zombie club bombarded my group of friends in the middle of campus. We were minding our own business. And they literally attacked us. For a small membership fee, you too can be part of this educational extracurricular activity. Only in college…

All joking aside, I really did learn so much in college. My time at FSU was undoubtedly the best four years of my life and I feel more than prepared to begin my career as a public relations professional. I’m leaving with more than a degree. I’m leaving with real-world experience gained through internships; with encouragement from professors/mentors that I’m ready for what’s out there; with a stellar education; and most importantly, with some awesome memories.

And I wouldn’t change that for anything.

So, what did you get out of college?

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