Transfer Credits: Work Hard Now, More Freedom Later

College is about learning. It’s about broadening your horizons, taking interesting classes and having new experiences. College is also about earning a degree in a specific subject by taking the classes you want to take and learning as much as you can about your chosen field or fields. Many colleges, in addition to having a […]

Foreign study: life’s classroom

When most people think of foreign study, the classroom aspect is a mere formality.  Academic adventures are overshadowed by Absinthe and Amsterdam; movies like Euro Trip and Beerfest become the hallmark of an overseas experience.  Before coming to study in Germany for a semester, I worried more about whether my class times would interfere with my […]

What can educators do to provide a better education for Millennials?

This week several Millennials will explain how or why the current education system doesn’t prepare Generation Y for real life nor for successful careers. Let’s give teachers, professors and administrators straightforward suggestions how to improve the education system, how to prepare us for real life, how to prepare us for successful careers, and how to […]

College Tuition: My Immaturity And The Burden Of Debt

It is scheduled to cost $15,000 per semester for an out-of-state engineering undergraduate to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder. I attended that school for that major from 2005 to 2009. Let’s assume that the price of tuition for each of these years was $15,000 (not true, but to make math easier.) That’s about […]

A New Type of Teacher For A Better Education

The Obama administration recently came out with their replacement for the No Child Left Behind education reform. However, even the name of the program, Race to the Top, doesn’t inspire my confidence in the program. Liz Dwyer does a good job breaking down exactly what the program is all about. While one of the goals […]

TNGG Blackout – Five Days Being Social-Less

I’ll freely admit that I’m a social networking addict. Like a bad episode of A&E’s Intervention, I saw all the warning signs but did nothing to stop. I couldn’t go a day without updating my twitter accounts (yes, two). I couldn’t stand waiting around for someone without checking Facebook. So when the opportunity came along […]