An Elephant’s Approach to Health Care (and no, it’s not doing nothing)

I am a self-identified Republican, but I am very dissatisfied with the Republican leadership in Congress. The “party of no” label that stigmatizes the Republican leadership often dissuades me from proclaiming my Elephant roots to some of my Obamamaniac friends. Being a Republican at Syracuse University is not exactly a prolific characteristic. As a 21 year […]

Bad boys and girls will be bad boys and girls.

Recently, the FDA ruled severe restrictions on how tobacco companies can advertise. So, does it even matter? Fact is that teen smoking has declined in the past decade. Check any source. But what are we going to attribute that to? Have increased regulation and ambitious campaigns to educate our youth on the dangers of smoking […]

Would you follow @TheMarlboroMan?

The FDA recently passed new restrictions that will prohibit people under 18 from buying tobacco products starting in June. The law will also ban cigarette makers from distributing branded merchandise and sponsoring events. Tobacco controls are growing more severe but they don’t mention tobacco and its correlation with social media. Mad Men characters have a […]