Cap, Gown, Unemployment Check

After graduating in 2008, I fell into a job market experiencing historic constraints. Along with fellow graduates, I limped through the hiring process. I e-mailed dozens of resumes to companies both within my graduated industry and outside with nearly no success, no scheduled interviews and no prospects. It was not until more than sixteen months […]

The Interview: Elliott Bisnow and Brett Leve, Summit Series Entrepreneurs

Described as “a mutual aid society for young entrepreneurs,” Summit Series brings together young entrepreneurs, innovators, and influencers with the aim of effecting positive social change. Its young and inspiring founders, Elliott Bisnow and Brett Leve, ages twenty-four and twenty-five, answer the questions of the also young and inspiring TNGG staff. How does someone so […]

Everything I Wish I Learned in College, I Already Know

There are a lot of things I wish I learned in college. None of them are academic, and most of them I already know. All of them are those “life lesson”-type things you learn (sometimes painfully) outside the classroom and are certain of only about 12% of the time. We may have more technology at […]