Free All Music and We Won’t Have to Steal It

My generation steals music. We are thieves. Every year we snare seven billion songs without paying for them. True some of us fork over $1.29 to the online music monopoly known as Apple. Right now those are our only two alternatives. Steal or buy. Perhaps it’s time for an alternative. Enter Free All Music. The […]

Websites That Choose Function Over Design

I came upon accidentally. Searching for something entertaining in the cornfield maze that’s YouTube, I found a video about an MIT professor ‘s research and development of a technological sixth sense, a way to access information online using our environment. The nine minute video captivated me and led me to the website, where I […]

Out From Behind The Curtain

Before releasing his (excellent) latest album, Noble Beast, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bird participated in “Measure for Measure,” an online series hosted by The New York Times, in which he traced the creation of the album’s lead single, “Oh No.” In a sense, this move was really no different than an artist releasing demo versions of album […]

The Interview: Anna Humble on Gen Y and Christianity

A graduate of Harvard’s Master’s in Divinity program, Anna Humble brings a unique perspective to TNGG about the role of Christianity in the lives of millennials. She is currently finishing a book geared toward ministers in which she discusses the relationship between adolescent development and ministerial leadership. TNGG is excited to hear Anna’s point of […]