Is prejudice (racial, religious, gay) less prevalent in Gen Y than in previous generations?

There’s a perception that with each subsequent generation prejudice recedes at least a little. This generation helped elect the nation’s first Black president. It appears to be more openly accepting of gay marriage. It’s also likely to be the last, or second to last, generation born into an America in which whites are the majority. […]

Shakira: The Colombian She Wolf’s New Bite

Ten years ago, Shakira Mebarak was climbing the charts with “Pies Descalzos,” her first wildly successful album. Since then, she has released two Spanish and two English-language albums, all of which dominated the charts. Hits, such as “Whenever, Wherever” and “Hips Don’t Lie” garnered her a global following and the continued support of her Latin […]

Why Glee?

Why is Fox’s hour-long musical comedy so popular? Does it make sense that strains of the high school glee club’s version of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” should haunt me as I go about my day? I attend Emerson College, a top musical theatre school, and this show has caused my fellow classmates to go absolutely […]

Do you keep a budget to track how much you spend and where your money goes?

Fiscal responsibility. Do we have any? Are we smart about money? Or clueless. Rent. College loans. Entertainment. Stuff. Whatever money we may have someone else wants it. The landlord, the bartender, Starbucks, iTunes. Do we even know where it goes every month? TNGG and its readers would like to know if you keep a budget, […]

Journalism Murdered, Killer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

What will journalism look like when our generation seizes the reins of responsibility? It’s impossible to know! We barely understand how it functions now, with the Baby Boomers still safely holding all positions of power. What we do know is that the traditional authorities who have been the final arbiters of what is worthy of […]